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  • Liquid herbal supplement that supports the mare’s fertility cycle, helping to alleviate the effects and discomfort of irregular ovulation
  • Chaste berry and marjoram have a regulatory effect on various hormonal systems that harmonizes the mare’s hormonal balance producing a normal, regular and balanced cycle
  • The herbal blend of dandelion, yarrow, and common hops along with magnesium and vitamin B6 have a calming effect on the nervous system, relieving cramps and soothing muscles
  • Can be used on stallions and geldings too and is safe to handle and administer without gloves




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Cavalor Venus is a herbal extract that supports the mare’s cycle and thus alleviates the effects of irregular ovulation. Hormone fluctuations can make mares quite restless and uncomfortable during their complex fertility cycle. Cavalor Venus ensures a more regular cycle without disruption. Cavalor Venus is composed of several natural active ingredients that support metabolism during the cycle, suppress typical heat-related behavior and promote general relaxation of body and mind. You will experience a totally different, more comfortable horse.

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Just like people, horses experience nervousness. Some horses are more susceptible than others, based on their breeding or rearing, for example. Not all tension is bad. Horses and humans both need a certain amount of tension to perform to the best of their abilities, but constant pressure or stress increases the likelihood of health problems. Ensure that your horse gets adequate exercise and has a pleasant stable environment and a healthy diet. A horse’s diet can have an enormous influence on nervousness and behavior.



Cavalor Venus uses berry power… Chasteberry helps to bring the mare’s hormones into balance for a normal, regular, and balanced cycle. The plant also supports fertility. Cavalor Venus also contains added magnesium bisglycinate and vitamin B6. Magnesium has calming properties and helps to relax muscles. Vitamin B6 supports the metabolism and promotes absorption of active ingredients

How to use

Some mares respond best to an initial dose of 40 ml during the first 4–5 days, after which the dose can be gradually reduced.
Results should be noticeable after about 3 weeks. Sometimes the mare’s behavior will worsen after a few days. This is a good sign and indicates that the product is working. We recommend administering Cavalor Venus on a daily basis over a longer period of time to keep the cycle stable. You can also pause administration of Cavalor Venus when the mare is not in heat. Ponies: 2x 5 ml daily. Horses 2 x 10 ml daily.