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  • Organic yeast extract rich in glucomannans (GM) and mannanoligosacharides (MOS) bind mycotoxines and help prevent damage to the gut
  • B vitamins stimulate beneficial bacterial growth and proper digestive function while helping fight off bad bacteria
  • Can be given to horses that are experiencing colic symptoms to help support the digestive tract while waiting on the vet
  • Give prior to long travel to support the health of the digestive tract
  • Also benefits horses prone to diarrhea when being transported




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Cavalor Emergency 911 is a fast-acting and easily digestible supplement intended to support the digestive systems in horses with digestive problems or experiencing stress, for example from transport. Cavalor Emergency 911 supports the microflora and digestive system with prebiotics and probiotics to support good gut bacteria. It contains a broad range of micro-organisms that help to bring the gut flora back in balance quickly.

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During the competition season, a horse’s digestive system must deal with quite a lot, including large quantities of concentrates and supplements.
This, along with stress, frequent transport, and repeated long periods without much forage often brings the sensitive gut flora out of balance and causes digestion problems. The equine digestive system is also crucially linked to the immune system. Horses become more susceptible to disease and injury when their digestive systems are not functioning properly.

Use the time off between shows to give your horse some recovery time.

As the equine digestive system is designed to digest mainly forage, a high fiber diet is essential to give your horse’s gut a rest and let him recover in time for the next round of shows.

During this period, switch to an adapted diet of hay and high-fiber concentrates like Cavalor FiberForce. Continue this regimen for six weeks. It will keep energy low, provide extra fats and fiber, and keep sugars and starches to a minimum. You’ll be giving your horse everything he needs without taxing his digestive system. FiberForce helps bring the digestive system back into balance.



Cavalor Emergency 911 contains organic yeast extract that is high in glucomannan (GM) and mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) to bind mycotoxins and prevent damage in the gut. Yeast helps to prevent the colonisation of bad bacteria.
B vitamins: Stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the gut (such as bifidobacteria) as well as the production of antibodies against bad bacteria. Stimulates intestinal health and proper function of the digestive system. Aspergillus oryzae enzymes: Help to break down starch and promote digestion.

How to use

Dosage per animal per day. In case of sudden discomfort: 1–2 tubes per day. For transport or stressful situations: 0.5–1 tube per day.

Maximum dose: 3 tubes per day.