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Cavalor® Muscle Motion provides supportive muscle care to ensure a healthy muscle function.




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Cavalor® Muscle Motion provides supportive muscle care to ensure a healthy muscle function. During training and competition, by-products such as lactic acid and free radicals which can harm muscle cells are produced. By reducing the damaging effects of this waste, Cavalor® Muscle Motion prevents acidification and keeps the horse supple. Cavalor® Muscle Motion contains not just vitamin E and selenium, but also a strong mix of anti-oxidants and buffers next to magnesium and MSM. It supports not only the muscles cells during effort but also protects them.

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When horses are in hard work, lactate is formed in the muscles, as well as sometimes free radicals. If not neutralized, these can damage muscle cells causing acidosis and muscle stiffness.



Cavalor Muscle Motion is a powerful blend of antioxidants with synergistic effects. Vitamin E and selenium are the best-known ingredients for muscle supplements. In addition to these antioxidants, this blend also contains vitamin C, beta-carotene and bioflavonoids that protect cells from free radicals. This combination of various antioxidants not only works more effectively, it also means that less selenium is needed. Cavalor Muscle Motion also contains buffers for the prevention of muscle acidosis and muscle damage.

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How to use

Not every horse needs the same degree of support. If training intensity changes, we have other supplements that may better suit your horse’s needs. Cavalor LactaTec provides stronger effects than Cavalor Muscle Fit with the highest level muscle function support during major events or periods of intense work. In addition to protecting muscle cells from damage, Cavalor LactaTec improves muscle metabolism and supports the supply of oxygen and blood to the muscles for peak performance. Cavalor Muscle Motion might be more suitable for your horse if the muscles are not heavily loaded and you only want some extra support. Cavalor Muscle Motion keeps muscles healthy and helps protect against the harmful effects of lactic acid and free radicals.

Recommended feeding of Cavalor Muscle Motion: 15g twice a day, maximum 120 grammes per horse per day.