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  • Supplement that provides systematic muscle gain with long lasting results
  • Stimulates muscle development and slows muscle deterioration
  • Best results seen in horses in training




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Cavalor Muscle Force is a natural supplement for horses that need fast development of muscle power. Sport horses returning to work after a period of rest or light work and young horses that have just been backed and are being prepared for selection often do not have much muscle development.

Cavalor Muscle Force is a 100% natural solution that, in combination with training, promotes the sustained development of muscle volume and strength. Cavalor Muscle Force contains the essential amino acids necessary for muscle protein synthesis as well as active and inactive yeasts and a special blend of herbs to support muscle cell division.

Increased muscle cell development and reduced muscle cell deterioration ensure lasting effects.

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Cavalor Muscle Force contains wheat gluten and rice bran as sources of protein along with essential amino acids. Wheat gluten and rice bran are rich in the branched chain amino acids (BCAA) leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

They promote efficient muscle recovery. Brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is also a good source of amino acids. The combination of live and inactive yeasts in Cavalor Muscle Force promotes healthy gut flora and good digestion for optimum conversion of energy and protein from the feed.

Its probiotics contain nucleotides, the “building blocks” of DNA and RNA chains, which support muscle division. This promotes more muscle mass and increased muscle strength.

Cavalor Muscle Force is a herbal blend that shifts the dynamic balance between building and breaking down muscle cells into increased muscle cell building (anabolism) and decreased muscle cell breakdown (catabolism), thereby rapidly increasing muscle volume and strength.

How to use

Unlike other muscle supplements that make a horse retain moisture for a muscular appearance temporarily, Cavalor Muscle Force creates more muscle tissue for more actual muscle power.

1 measuring scoop = 15 g. Maximum 120 g per horse per day.

Tip: Years of experience have shown that Cavalor Muscle Force will not achieve the intended results if the liver is not functioning well. Liver function can be checked through a blood analysis. We therefore recommend supplementing your horse’s diet with Cavalor Hepato Liq for 10 days before starting with Cavalor Muscle Force.

Recommended use of Muscle Force: Ponies and leisure horses: 30 g per day. Sport horses: 45 g per day.