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Clay poultice with a natural cooling ability to reduce swelling after heavy work.




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Clay poultice with a natural cooling ability to reduce swelling after heavy work.

Cavalor® Ice Clay is made with natural clay and herbal ingredients such as the following:

  • Herbs: Effective anti-inflammatory herbs known to help relief muscle and tendon pain associated with exertion.
  • Rosemary: Promotes an analgesic and calming effect.


Clay is especially popular for use in eventing but can be used in any discipline. Demanding the utmost from your horse – during gallop training, on cross-country courses or training on hard surfaces – can cause it to have tired or swollen legs the next day.

Unlike gels, clays have longer-lasting effects. A clay remains active for as long as it is moist. Clay is also more constant in temperature, so that it cools long-term and purifies naturally.

We therefore recommend using a clay after hard workouts. The ingredients in clay relax the muscles and tendons and ensure faster recovery of fatigued legs. Clay can be used in various ways; see instructions for use.

As long as the clay is moist, it remains active and will provide counter-pressure so that the legs are nice and dry the next day.


Cavalor Ice Clay consists primarily of kaolinite. This clay is naturally rich in minerals with a high absorption capacity; it purifies and removes excessive synovial fluid from the ankle joints and the other joints and tendons. Did you know that kaolinite is also used in facial clay masks? It makes coats supple and soft. The magnesium sulphate in Cavalor Ice Clay stimulates blood circulation and allows muscles to relax. Essential oils such as Arnica and Rosemary enhance this effect and provide relief through their proven anti-inflammatory properties.

How to use

Apply a thick layer of Cavalor Ice Clay to the legs and tendons after hard work to cool them down. Allow Cavalor Ice Clay to dry completely for a fast cooling effect. Afterwards, use a hard brush or cold water to remove Cavalor Ice Clay completely.

Apply wet paper over the application of Cavalor Ice Clay for a slower cooling. Also cover the paper with a bandage. This warm and wet compress will slow down the cooling effects of the clay. Cavalor Ice Clay can also be used to relieve swollen legs.

Warning: For external use only.